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Framing a skills training strategy ought to be simple: a job is made up of activities, each activity requires a set of skills at a specific level – evaluate a person’s performance for each set of skills and you have a measure. Match the measure to the ideal and see if there are any shortfalls. Devise training solutions to meet the shortfalls and there you have it: your training plan!

Why doesn’t it happen like this? If it was financial information you required you would take it for granted that the base information would be there for you to work on. You need equivalent access to your skills data.

KeFax offers help on two fronts:

      nGathering the data you need to establish a viable and useful skills database for your employees

      nUsing our Framework Manager  engineering competence management software package ( Demonstration CD available on request ) to collate and analyse the data to provide the base information for your strategic planning

Gathering data

We use the widest possible range of tools and specific utility engineer skills databases to help you create a master dictionary of job-related skills for your company. These skills are broken down into the competencies and performance levels which define each job description.

Individuals are then assessed against their required performance (usually by their supervisors, although we can supply this service also). Shortfalls are identified and the results collated into a Skills Audit presenting an overview of your current skills profile.

Analysing data

The Skills Audit is the basis of assembling a training plan. The shortfalls can be prioritised and matched to known solutions, or solutions which it is now viable to develop. Financial implications can be explored and a training plan ‘grown’ by a process of drafting and refining.

KeFax offers. . .

The principal service is to give you the capability to integrate a full skills audit into your business and training planning. At every point in the process we can supply data in standard electronic formats for presentation and analysis purposes – helping you to assemble budget proposals and specifications for external suppliers.

With an effective training plan in place, we can provide-long term support by maintaining your skills audit – revisiting the skills dictionary to ensure it is still entirely relevant and re-auditing to gain a measure of skills improvement and training effectiveness.

Ultimately, we can help you build a training resource management system which includes evaluation of training purchases and indices of performance improvement.


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