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Over an extended period, we have assembled quite a body of material which shows that Open Learning strategies offer important opportunities to managers. These opportunities are most noticeable in delivering targeted training (reinforcing the individual’s view of the importance of their role within your activities) and reducing the costs of delivering training.

       nThe presentation of information is geared to the trainee’s ability to learn – in his own time and at his own pace. Effective objective setting and self-testing enables the trainee to measure progress.

      nThe costs of delivery are usually significantly lower than formal, company-delivered training – both in premises/resources and the reduced time spent off the job.

Successful open learning courses are those where the objectives have been set effectively. The content and sources of learning material can then be arranged with confidence that they will do the intended job – bringing the trainee from his current skill level to the desired level. At KeFax we have many years’ experience in this – working to your brief to isolate the performance criteria which must be satisfied. From this point we design a core programme and specify the mixture of resources which will deliver the objectives most effectively.

Using our network of expertise and suppliers, we then create the actual components of the course. Content is, therefore, up-to-date and very authoritative. More to the point, we then look at what else is needed to achieve the objectives we have been set:

      nAlternative routes – providing the trainee with options to achieve the objectives – not all materials are going to be appropriate for all trainees.

      nMentoring – Open Learning is most effective when the trainee has continuing support and guidance.

      nHotline help – when the going gets hard, it is always useful to have access to expert help. This can make a real difference if a trainee is ‘bogged down’ – a relatively small input can break the log jam and remotivate the trainee.

      nSelf-testing – enabling the trainee to proceed with confidence that they have absorbed and can use each element of the content before moving on.

In addition to meeting your company-specific objectives, Open Learning courses can incorporate links to external qualifications. KeFax is in a position to negotiate actual credits/units with awarding bodies so these courses can be an integral part of employees’ professional development.

If you think Open Learning would contribute to your training strategy, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss approaches with you.


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