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Quality Technical Training for the Power Industry

Operational Safety Training Courses Overview


An awareness of Health, Safety and Environmental practice in line with Health and Safety Executive guidelines. It is a passport scheme ran by Energy and Utility Skills and does not indicate any level of technical competence or skills expertise.

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National Grid Authorisation Courses

These courses are designed to prepare delegates for National Grid’s Computer Based Training (CBT) for Person/Competent Person authorisations and to provide delegates with sufficient information to understand National Grid’s requirements for Person/Competent Persons working in Substations/Overhead lines.

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Impressed Voltage Drain Earths

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with sufficient knowledge to work safely on High Voltage Plant, which is not subject to the National Grid Safety Rules, but is being constructed or removed within or adjacent to an existing High Voltage substation containing Live Equipment

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Work on or near Low Voltage Equipment

Training and assessment for personnel required to work on Low Voltage Equipment.

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HV Switch Room Access

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Working on Earth Systems

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with sufficient knowledge to be able to understand the principles for working safely on Earth Systems and understand their roles and responsibilities as Competent Persons working on Earth Systems under National Grid’s Safety Rules.

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Tower Rescue Course

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with clear understanding of how to carry out a successful rescue of a disabled casualty from OHL steel lattice towers.

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