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Quality Technical Training for the Power Industry

Technical Training Courses Overview

As well as providing a technical consultancy service KeFax offers training and development in the form of  technical short courses and competency assessments.

Substation Design

An introduction to the complex equipment and protection requirements involved when designing substations.

Completion of this course is regarded as an essential element in the overall training of new entry Construction Engineers.

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Introduction to High Voltage Cables

This course provides a basic knowledge of cables and cable systems and is ideal for delegates on an Engineering programme, apprentices or field staff.

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Electricity Transmission Course

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Wayleaves Training

Way leaves is a right of way granted by a landowner, typically for the erection of pylons, telegraph poles or laying of pipes. Companies must have way leaves to carry out any work on private land.

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Bespoke Protection Courses

Bespoke training courses can be developed to client specification. Our range of topics includes transmission and distribution substation, refurbishment and commissioning.

KeFax’s training professionals are experienced engineers who have spent many years working for network owners and can offer a vast amount of accumulated knowledge and expertise.

Please email any enquiries for Protection training, with a brief outline of what you require to enquiries@kefax.co.uk.

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