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Quality Technical Training for the Power Industry

Training Courses Overview

KeFax provide a wide range of qualifications and training courses primarily designed for the electricity transmission and distribution sector, a selection of which are listed below.



Basic Electrical Safety Competence (BESC) is an onsite assessment of how delegates work in the High Voltage environment. The BESC/AME standards deal with entering, moving around and exiting work areas in electricity distribution and transmission environments. Three separate standards exist for Substations, Overhead lines and Underground cable work areas.

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HSG47 C.A.T. & Genny

This course is aimed at personnel who require an in depth understanding of the correct use of the CAT and Genny and are involved in commissioning, planning, managing and carrying out work on or near underground services as well as the owners and operators of the buried services. This course is registered with EUSR and must be renewed every three years.

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Operational Safety Courses

KeFax offers a number of operational safety courses from Utility SHEA (Power)  to IV Awareness

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Technical Courses

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