BESC / AME Substation Training Course

BESC / AME Substation Training Course Details

Pre-course learning material is sent out to the candidates prior to the day.

The half day event comprises:

Training: One and a half hours tuition, to ensure that people who are working in high voltage transmission substations are fully prepared for the assessment.

Assessment: The assessor will observe and question the candidates to test for compliance with the BESC/AME standard.

BESC:AME Pre-requisites (National Grid sites)

Valid Person Authorisation (we can arrange this for the same day as the BESC/AME training).

General Health & Safety awareness qualification e.g. SHEA (Power). KeFax can provide this.

We will need to confirm at the time of booking that the candidate is currently working or expecting to work as a contractor or subcontractor on a National Grid site.

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