Underground Cables

Underground Cables information taken from National Grid NSI30 FAQ’s 

Q. Currently individuals working on a cabling project will be authorised in Persons Substations / BESC Substations & BESC Cables.  From the 20th January, if an individual is purely working on the cables outside of the substation what authorisation would they be expected to have if BESC Cables is being dropped?

A. As the National Grid Safety Rules state…… Work on or Near to..…, then NG PERSON will be required when working on or near to NG assets outside of a substation, that requires NG Safety Documentation i.e. digging down to cables under an LAC. Therefore, NG PERSON Substation will be required.

Q. Will the new training then include elements of what was covered in the BESC Cable Training and assessments?

A. Substation Person covers basic safety, cable contractors are deemed as specialist contractors and as such their Employee will be responsible for Cable specific training.